We want to help you understand the complex path that we will go down together before we reach the desired goal – the entire construction process. We simplified the architectural jargon for you and summarized the so-called building standards in a few steps. Let's go through them.

We provide:

  • design activities

  • professional counseling on property selection, real estate activities

  • engineering activities including land purchase, easement, etc.

Design activities

Work order preparations

At this moment, job order preparation takes on a completely different dimension. It's not enough that you want a house. Thorough, elaborate preparation is the foundation on which we can build together. Literally. And what happens at this stage? We divide individual activities among the investor, engineering and designer. We will help you to define the investment objective and specify the purpose of the entire construction. We will pre-examine the suitability of the site, find out the local conditions for the construction, determine the need for the necessary surveys, etc. The result is a clear contract assignment and subsequent construction design preparation.

More information here.

Construction design documentation (construction study)

We are in the most important phase of the construction, which takes a lot of time. This is where we will communicate the most. Only in this way we can feel into your problems, requirements, wishes. The more time we spend on the study, the better we will fine-tune all the details, and the less the whole process will cost you. You can save money by thorough preparation. Changes in the course of construction will cost you up to 100 times more.

You will get a concrete idea of urbanistic, architectural, dispositional, operational, structural, interior and material design and solutions. This way you can still consider the economic and timing aspect of the construction. The documentation also serves to verify the suitability of the building plan by the concerned authorities and organizations.


More information here.

Documentation for planning permit

We follow the construction study approved by you. It provides sufficient information for the specific location of the building in a given location. Right now, relationships with your neighbors also play a role.

You can clearly see the layout and height location of the building, links to the surrounding constructions and infrastructure (transport and technical). At the same time we define property-legal relations. Based on this documentation, the Building Authority issues the planning permit.

More information here.

Documentation for building permit

The first mentioned documentation is crucial for issuing a building permit. It provides the precise urban, architectural, dispositional, operational, structural and material characteristics of the construction. At this point, our real craft will come out. The building permit documentation must always comply with the Building Act and all regulations. For most people this phase is very stressful and lengthy. But being professionals, we are able to cope with all the requirements the Building Authority might have.

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Construction documentation

We compile an itemized inventory of tasks, supplies and services and their valuation. We define the quality requirements for materials and execution. Based on this documentation, you can accurately evaluate the construction, choose the contractor and sign a contract with him. Thanks to a detailed implementation documentation for a construction company, (that is far more extensive than the documentation for building authorities), you can save up to 1/3 of your costs. Adjustments during construction would be really costly. 

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Cooperation in the selection of the construction contractor

We are now in the construction assignment phase and are slowly approaching our goal. Choosing the right contractor is just as important as the documentation itself. One cannot be without the other. Therefore, we will assist you in this matter. To make the process fast, efficient and transparent. We will make sure that company offers are clear, complete and, above all, in line with project documentation.

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Architectural supervision during the construction process

Of course, with a sophisticated construction project, it is necessary to keep it in place during the construction execution. We will oversee all the contractor's work for you and approve any adjustments or minor variations that may occur. We also participate in construction inspections conducted by the Building Authority and putting the building into operation. We will also assist you during the take-over of the construction and any complaint procedures.

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Our cooperation and the whole work now culminates. Our main activity at this stage is the compilation of the documentation of the actual construction for the final inspection or putting the construction into operation according to the law.

See? We will guide you through the entire construction from the first idea to the first unlocking of the front door. We will not leave you at the forefront of authorities or construction companies, and we will always ensure that what we have created together is respected. Who gives you such a guarantee today? We look forward to taking this journey with you.



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